SJ Brown

Stephen Brown, writing as sj brown, is the author of the highly regarded Detective Inspector Mahoney novels. This series of police procedural mystery thrillers aligns very closely with his passion for the crime fiction genre.

Author's books

HIGH BEAM: The D.I. Mahoney Series Book 1

Something is very rotten in the state of Tasmania. Brad Finch, the marquee player of the Tassie Devils Football Club, is the victim at the heart of a new murder mystery.

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BIG STAKE: The D.I. Mahoney Series Book 3

Life’s a gamble. If you get on the wrong side of the big players in the high stakes gambling industry it’s a gamble that will cost you your life.

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THE SQUARE UP: The D.I. Mahoney Series Book 4

When D.I. Mahoney is called to the scene of a ritualistic murder in southern Tasmania, he and his team must unlock the mind behind the murder before the killer can claim his next victim.

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